Credit: Amy Lynn Schereck

Tim and Kevin Metcalfe, , Metcalfe's Market

When brothers Kevin and Tim Metcalfe took over their family treasure in 2000 - a successful 83-year-old Wisconsin grocery - they envisioned bringing their personal environmental concerns into their professional lives.

Metcalfe's Market, with locations at Madison's Hilldale Shopping Center and in Wauwatosa, takes every opportunity to institute environmentally friendly practices.

"We believe it's the right thing to do, and it's what our customers expect here in Madison to a certain degree," Kevin says. "The initiative is important to us personally and to future generations."

Kevin, 41, says that he and Tim, 51, spent their childhood enjoying the Madison lakes. That gave them the incentive to preserve the environment for others to enjoy.

Tim notes that grocery stores tend to use more energy than almost any other retail entity. When Madison Gas & Electric introduced green power - electricity generated using clean, renewable energy sources - the brothers were quick to sign on to the maximum amount allowed.

The pair also stepped in as green leaders when they introduced their Food Miles program to encourage customers to buy local and sustainable products. Their stores use energy-efficient LED lighting and offer plastic bag recycling.

The Metcalfes recently demonstrated their commitment to Madison by assembling a task force to create an ambitious master plan for the John Nolen Drive corridor. The Nolen Centennial Project is examining such improvements as increased access to Lake Monona, pedestrian and bike paths, and a community center.

Tim says the project will encourage Madisonians to respect their green space, atmosphere and lakes.

"It's about looking at the abundant environmental resources that are within that corridor and trying to create a world-class area for the greater region to enjoy," he says. "Everything that is planned for the project is going to be based on hopefully leaving the environment better than we found it."

- Pam Selman